Our Focus

Passionately customer focused, Way Ahead associates can point to significant Marketing, Sales and General Management achievements within organisations both small and large. We offer knowledge and experience of all aspects of branding, including product/packaging/service development, advertising/PR, promotions and social media.

With a particular focus on Food & Drink businesses, Way Ahead has an in-depth knowledge of supply chain development and works with all of the links involved, from the farmer/producer, through the manufacturer and distributor, to the retail/hospitality businesses they supply.

More recently, Way Ahead has successfully extended this supply chain approach to other markets, becoming heavily involved in a number of renewables projects, including biomass.

Areas of Expertise

Markets Activities
• Agriculture & Forestry • Business Healthchecks
• Manufacturing • Strategy Development
• Wholesale & Distribution • Sales Improvement/Marketing Programmes
• Retail • Innovation & New Product/Service Development
• Hospitality & Tourism • Lean Manufacturing & Supply Chain Development
• Professional Services • Food Safety Accreditation/HACCP/Food Technology
• Social Enterprises • Access to Finance & Grant Applications
• Start-ups • Confidential & Impartial Business Advice
• Business Coaching & Mentoring

Our Clients

… mean everything to us which is why, although we are proud of who we work with and would love to shout it from the Lakeland hills, we aren't about to do so!

Confidentiality and impartiality are values we cherish at Way Ahead, so you can be confident that no-one will hear about your business or plans from us, unless you agree first.

Our focus is on helping you develop your business profitably, over the coming weeks, months and even years … to do this effectively, we work hard to deserve your trust and look to build longer-term relationships with clients where we can start to add real value.

Clients tell us they appreciate our straightforward approach and genuine interest in helping their business succeed, and our determination to deliver results – some of their recent comments appear on the Client Comments tab at the top of the screen … we're happy for them to do the selling for us.

Role and Support

… is always, always adapted to suit your business and your specific needs – there is no standard "fix" looking for a challenge to solve.

Starting with a structured business healthcheck (to highlight key strengths, opportunities for improvement and identify any potential barriers) or simply an informal chat, we take a straightforward approach to help bring focus on where you're at and where you're trying to get to … once we've understood that, we can start to identify where support is needed and how we might add real value to your business.

We can be as "light touch" and looking in from the outside, or "hands-on" and involved within your business, as you like … whether working with the business owner/director/senior manager, or members of the team, we work enthusiastically with everybody, building commitment and good communication throughout your organisation.